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  Carlos, 3 Months Male Beagle/Whippet/Corgi/Terrier  Mix

Carlos came to us from St Croix along with his brother, Cameron. He is already house trained and sleeps quietly in his crate overnight. He is very playful and respectful of other dogs who may not want to play, but he would love a playmate his own speed. He is just delightful! He may have some Jack Russell as he has similarities. From their foster: They are doing great - - really good about going out on a leash and know what to do when they go out. Not totally trained yet as puppies have to go so frequently but really good start. They sleep through the night in their crate (open) didn't make any mistakes last night - took them out first thing and they pee'd then fed them and out again to do the rest of business. Cute little guys. They are young so we are looking for someone to be home a good deal of the day to continue their training. Please apply at