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  Whitey, 5 months Male Lab/Shephed/Collie/Hound  Mix
Whitey Whitey

Whitey (you can change his name) is a 33 lb. mix from St. Croix. He's five months old and in need of a great home. He's the perfect pup! He's a sweet, friendly boy. Here's what his foster family says: We are privileged be fostering Whitey as a member of our family until he finds his forever home. He plays well with both our 12lb Schnoodle and 22lb Schnauzer and respects the fact that size doesn’t matter when it comes down to who is the boss! He arrived as a timid 27 lb character and has blossomed to be a 33 lb bundle of puppy antics. He is now a confident dog who loves to run and play with other dogs, people and toys. There are still lots of new things to experience with Whitey and his latest discovery was a toad, who he investigated thoroughly before allowing it to hop off. He is a gentle soul who has shown a deep sensitivity, resting his head on my shoulder during a moment of sadness. He sleeps through the night in his crate and is easy to handle. We have worked on touching him all over – mouth, ears, feet and obviously his very tickly belly. He loves being brushed and loved on. He has been a great running companion on short early morning runs – he will need some leash training for longer runs, but learns quickly. In the short time that he has been with us, he has learned to respect our space while preparing dinner, the “sit” and “down” commands and will play catch with a ball, returning it but not always giving it up. We have tried him with some basic agility and he gives it his best. He welcomes everyone into our house with a respectful greeting and eager tail wag and he hasn’t jumped up on anyone. He travels well in the car, loves his crate for bedtime and daytime naps, although a doggy bed on the sunny back deck might be his favorite spot. He loves toys, balls, soft squeaky toys and chasing his own tail. He is a real clown, sometimes tripping over his own very long legs. He loves to run, but is equally happy taking a nap! He is available now.