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  Holly, 1.5 years old Female Siberian Husky  Mix
Holly Holly

STILL REVIEWING APPLICATIONS AND WILL NOT MAKE DECISIONS UNTIL AFTER SUNDAY MEET & GREET. Beyond exquisite, no one would ever believe she doesn't have a home! Holly is a GORGEOUS Siberian Husky (mix?) who is approximately 18-20 months. She weighs 45 lbs. but needs to gain some weight as her ribs are showing. She has the most AMAZING personality! She will play with any dog. When she was fostered she played with everyone and looks out for all the dogs in the foster home. HOLLY'S JOURNEY. Sweet Holly was rescued from a TN animal shelter and was coming to MA to find her home then it was discovered she had heart worms and needed immediate treatment to save her life. It has been a long road for Holly, first being at the shelter for so long, then the painful treatments and isolation while recovering. this breed does not do well with isolation, or being inactive so it has been very difficult for her. She has been in 3 different foster homes during her ordeal, each helping her in different ways so we know Holly very well from several perspectives. Holly is full of joy, everything and everyday is wonderful to her. She does not have a mean bone in her body that we have seen. She likes the dogs in all her foster homes, and loves nothing more then to play and play, then come in and flop down under foster moms feet for a nap. Holly would do best in a calm home, she picks up on the energy around her and will react in kind. if the house is in chaos, Holly is in chaos. If the house is calm, Holly is calm. Holly is an excellent dog park candidate, she accepts and will play with any dog big or small and she adjust her intensity to the other dog, She has done well with foster cats, although she is curious following sometimes, as if she wonders, do they want to play? She has used a dog door and learned very quickly how to let herself in and out, and has had no accidents in the house. Holly wants so very much to please humans and will look to them for guidance. She will not be a dog for just any family as she is a high energy working breed, and will require exercise and a fenced yard. She would be miserable and sad locked in a crate or home alone all day. Breed experience would be awesome, but ability to enrich her life with time, affection, and training is most important.