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  Brandy, 5-6 months Female Hound/Lab/Shepherd  Mix
Brandy Brandy

Brandy is a very cute and playful puppy. She is well behaved in her kennel and holds it through the night. She loves dogs and people alike. She looks so dignified in her pictures, but she is very much a pup, just a well behaved one. Her story is so typical of many rescued dogs. She was found laying beside a road very weak and emaciated. She had a severely infected wound on her leg. She is great now and is all healed. She is rather calm for a pup of 9 months. Brandy loves to play with other dogs and the kitten in her foster home. She is so gentle with the kitten as if she really does know that the kitten is fragile. Brandy will go into her crate especially if there is a treat involved. She is working on crate training and house training but does let you know when she needs out when in the crate. She loves her toys and she is not a destructive chewer. Brandy is doing well on a leash and will sit for a treat. She just loves to be with people but is not a shadow. She can and will entertain herself and she can be quite comical. Brandy is good on car rides also.