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  Tucker, 5 months Male Lab  Mix
Tucker Tucker

Tucker is a little male Lab mix pup who has a tiny white stripe on his nose. He is otherwise all black with a thick Labby coat. He's a nice pup who poses for his pictures. These puppies were brought into a TN shelter when their owner died. They are likely from several litters but our rescue group rescued them all from a TN shelter to save their lives. They are black lab mixes about 22 lbs. There are 7 males and 1 female. 2 males are black and white, others are all black. They are sweet and gentle puppies. They are all house broken with doggie door. They are learning about the crate and will explore it during the day. They will fall asleep on car rides. They have taken a couple trips to Petco and the park . They love people and other dogs. They will wrestle and play all day and come inside for naps on the dog bed and then head outside to do it all over again.