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  Alphonse, 1 year Male Retriever/Keeshond  Mix
Alphonse Alphonse

Alphonse, 1 year Male Keeshond/Retriever Mix Alphonse or Alphey for short is as intriguing as his name. His unusual coloring is eye-catching. But his mellow temperament and sweet disposition make him so special. He is still a young pup but very laid back. Alphey enjoys playing outside but when the family goes inside that is where he wants to be. We think he will do best with kids 9 and older. He is very quiet and not a barker at all. He walks well on a leash and is learning quickly not to pull. Great in the car, he falls asleep. In the crate, his foster home keeps a small fan on him because he gets uncomfortably warm but he sleeps through the night. Hes never lifted his leg or had one accident in the home. Alphonse is not a dog you would get for a companion for another dog because humans are his world. He gets along fine with other dogs but he wants to know where the family is. He also seems to be fine with cats, at least he is learning as he is very interested in them. He can be too much for an older dog though. He is also learning commands quickly. He is a stunning boy is waiting patiently for his forever family.