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  Emily, 3 months Female Sheltie/Corgi  Mix
Emily Emily

Emily is a spectacularly cute puppy! Her breed has us puzzled but looks like a mini GSD. Whatever her mix it is completely adorable. Emily is around 10-12 lbs and may just stay small. Emily was rescued from a TN animal shelter and landed safely at one of our southern fosters home. She is quite a little bundle of cuteness. Her personality is wonderful. She has done very well learning to love the crate. She is still young enough not to be able to make it through the night. She is having a wonderful time following all the big dogs she wants to play with them. She does go for a walk everyday and is leash trained. Her foster mom says: A little update on Emily. She is 100 % housebroken with a dog door. She is very friendly towards people and other dogs. Loves to run and play. In the crate she is very quiet and well behaved. She is a very mellow and well behaved puppy. She will follow you around and lie down in any room you are in and watch you!