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  Felicity, ~ 4 months Female Mutt / Mini-Shepherd/Lab/Basenji/Terrier  Mix
Felicity Felicity

Felicity is an adorable female small (6 lbs) mixed breed who looks like another pup we have, named Zip. She is beyond cute and also very sweet in personality. She was rescued in St. Thomas and is flying here for a chance at adoption. Her rescuer writes: "Felicity was dropped at shelter 12/4. I was told she was one of six litter mates. When we took her to the vet to get spayed on Wednesday they said she was 11 lbs. Rhea said she would be about 25 lbs. Of all the litter mates, she was the smallest. I walked only the girl litter mates. As well, of all the litter mates, she was docile, (she did exhibit puppy energy but she is in a small cage most hours of the day). She also exhibited submissive but social behavior when playing with her other mates. She is undoubtedly a very very happy and sweet girl." Available 3/1/14.