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  Reese, 10 months Male Pomeranian  Mix
Reese Reese

Reese is a 10 months old Pomeranianand weights about 4 lb. Reese has been on the Save A Dog coming soon list for a month now and is finally out of the hospital and in foster. His leg had been broken for 2 weeks before the Save A Dog partner in TN was contacted by the owner. Although tripods do very well, we decided to save this beautiful boy's leg. He is doing very well. Reese is such a darling little boy, he is so sweet. He is very quiet crated or out of the crate.. He has been through so much but his resilience shows through. He loves to play with toys, he will potty on pee pads or outside if given the chance he prefers outside. He wouldn't think of being mean to a cat or a dog. We are watching that now that he is out of the hospital he doesn't over use his leg as it is still mending. He wants to run and play with all the other dogs, which of course worries foster mommy. He deserves someone that will love and protect him so he never has to go through any pain and suffering again. Reese will be taking applications and decide on the very lucky adopter to be his new mom and dad. Of course, the Save A Dog staff will help him with that decision..