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  Carsie, ~8 months Female Husky/Lab  Mix
Carsie Carsie

Carsie is a stunning white color with blue eyes and white lashes. But her fantastic temperament is what makes her so special. It’s amazing that this dog wound up at the shelter. She’s recently been in foster care and has won everyone’s hearts, including 3 dogs and 3 cats. She’s very smart and teachable, walks on a leash, travels well in a car, and knows how to sit and shake. She LOVES water. Carsie wants to bond with one person but gets along with everyone. She is not a barker at all. Because of her age, she will require a knowledgeable home that is willing to put the required work into her. Setting boundaries with firmness, consistency and love is very important. Carsie is a gentle natured dog but she needs to respect the person who is working with her. The investment will be invaluable as she is loyal, loving and an absolute delight to be around. Her first encounter with a child was an experience not lost on her fosters. Walking her past a very young child, Carsie dropped to the pavement, rolled over in front of the child and showed her tummy. She needs to be in a home that will give her the training, attention and love she deserves. She is available 1/11.