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  Flake, 10 weeks Female Small mixed breed Lab  Mix

Flake is a very sweet puppy with a dark chocolate brown coat, hair a bit longer than our typical puppies, black muzzle and ears and legs. She is playful but when you pick her up she cuddles right in. The photos don't show the dark chocolate color or do her justice looks wise. She's a sweet and pretty girl. Available 12/10/13 and will be at our adoption event at Petco in Natick from 12-2 PM. Her foster mom says: She sleeps soundly through the night in her crate without a peep, is housebroken (will let you know she is uncomfortable). Usually quiet and snuggly, Flake takes several naps during the day, loves to meet new people, rides quietly in the car with a bully stick to chew. She will entertain herself with sturdy un stuffed squeaky animal toys and chew toys and is eager to learn. So far she knows "sit", "(lie) down" and "crawl" (clicker training) and loves to show you what a smart little puppy she is. If she is frightened or startled she will yip or bark but it is rare. She and the cat are still getting to know each other, they have not been left unsupervised together at this point.