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  Tamera, 1-2 years Female Collie/Rat Terrier  Mix
Tamera Tamera

Tamera is a tiny Collie mix. She looks like a 20 lb Border Collie. Tamera is a very shy dog but is gaining confidence in her foster home. She is great with other dogs and would do best in a home who has another dog whose lead she can follow. She's in a home with a senior dog and she is doing well, following the other dog's cues. Her history: she came into a high volume shelter in KY and she was a bit overwhelmed by the shelter, so Save A Dog spoke up for her and she arrived on 12/7 and is in a foster home. She is only 18 lbs and is very quiet and patient waiting her turn to be fed and go out. She requires a fenced in yard so she will stay safe while she is in training. Sudbury and locales close to our trainer in Hudson are preferred. She is fine with being carried and fine with handling. She is good with other dogs and cats. She looks very sweet in this video: (Bear in mind this is an old video) She is available to meet by appointment only. Her foster mom says about her: Tamera is wonderful! Someone is going to get a well behaved dog. She is a house dog. She was loved by someone. She tries to play with us, but we have not figured out the game yet. Tamera sleeps in her crate and is very quiet. She is completely house trained. As she's in a foster home, we can make a private appointment once you fill out the application online.