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  Surry, ~ 1 year old Male Cairn Terrier  Mix

Meet Surry, a one year old Cairn Terrier who weighs 12 lbs. He is the most precious little boy you could ever meet. He was found wandering in the country by animal control in TN. He was hurt and alone. A few days later a Save A Dog partner was at the shelter and saw he needed to be taken to the vet. He may have been hit by a car, we don't know and he can't say. Lucky for Surry, his injuries were minor, and he has recovered. Surry is a dream of a dog, he is quiet, gets along with the many other foster dogs of all sizes. He has never bothered the resident cats. Even though he was not neutered upon arrival in his foster home he has never once hiked his leg in the house. He will hold any business he has until he is outside, although he is a good boy in his crate. He is now neutered. Surry walks on his leash very well and would love to go to dog parks or have a gentle friend. He was accepted by all the dogs here right away. We don't think he really knows what toys are but he is picking up the concept quickly. His personality is really one in a million. Surry is truly a special little treasure. He will be at Petco on 11/9 in Natick from Noon to 2 PM.