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  Smidge, ~ 2 years Female Dobie / Shepherd  Mix
Smidge Smidge

Smidge is a young Dobie mix who needs a dog-savvy adopter. She is great in her foster home with off leash introductions, but is not good with on-leash intros, with people or dogs. She is EXTREMELY smart and extremely affectionate and extremely loyal. She is one very loyal dog to her people but should be with adult children not young ones. She would be perfect for a single person or couple who live off the beaten track, but she has done very well in the suburban environment too. She is one of the smartest dogs we've had in a long time. She will even arrange her bedding to give herself a good vantage point so she can see her care takers coming and going. She loves her people and it doesn't take too long to warm up, but she will bark at strangers or new people who come into the house. She performs her obedience commands with gusto! When given the down command she flies down with amazing speed, especially if there's roast beef involved. She loves her frisbee and will toss it herself. With a confident dog handler she will flourish. She smiles. She's goofy and playful! She's good for her baths and she likes other dogs that she plays with at the shelter. She spent a couple of months in a doggy daycare and did great. She's going to LOVE you. She's worth it. She will flourish with the right dog savvy adopter.