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  Tucker, 10 years Male Norwich Terrier
Tucker Tucker

Meet Tucker. He is a Yorkie who is 10 years young. When rescued he was in such pain -- his teeth were rotten and causing him great distress. This little guy was so happy when he had his teeth pulled. Now the little guy needs a loving home, preferably someone with a lap to share as he loves to cuddle. He loves to sit on your lap and when down on the floor he is always sure to keep you with in eye sight. He has shown no signs of any type of aggression with humans or other dogs. He seeks human company and tends to ignore other dogs, so is not a friend to get for another dog, but rather a little lap dog for someone who needs some lovin'. He doesn't do stairs and he prefers to eat out of a flat plate vs. a bowl. His is super easy going, doesn't bark. He would be great for a senior.