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  Murphy, 13 weeks Male Collie/Lab/Hound/Mutt  Mix
Murphy Murphy

Murphy is a 13 week old pup who is a complete mix and is up for adoption this week. Murphy is as sweet as can be and submissive. He will follow you around the house waiting for you to pick him up and hold him. He loves to play with his siters and brothers. Litter mates are: Lisa, Georgia, Peaches (girls) and Parker, Murphy, and Router (boys) were all being sold at a flea market in filthy conditions, so a rescue friend of Save A Dog took them home and cleaned them up and fostered them for two months so that they would be nice and healthy when they arrived. They are all sweet pups in need of love, attention, and training. Please be willing to crate train and plan to be with them for most of the day. Pups at this age should not be left alone more than 3 hours total for the day. Please fill out an application if you'd like to meet them.