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  Daisy, ~ 9 months Female Feist / Jack Russell Terrier  Mix
Daisy Daisy

Daisy is a 9 month old small Terrier (Feist/Jack or Rat Terrier who is GREAT with kids! She came into rescue because she was left in an apartment when a family moved away and didn't take her. The people that lived next door took her in, but could not keep her as dogs were not allowed. They told the rescue woman that came to get her that the family had two special needs children, and that Daisy was devoted to them. Not thinking too much about it, the rescuer took Daisy to her new foster family. The minute she saw the young children in the car her reaction was one of joy. She started whining and was so happy, when put in the back seat with the children she began giving kisses and snuggled up with them, as if all was right in the world for her again. We found out that the ages of the foster family were the same as that of her family that left her, 3 and 6 years old. This dog was born to be around young children, although she still needs exercise. She watches over them when the kids go to sleep,. She goes with the kids to be dropped off at school and whines when they get out of the car. She will play fetch, is very well behaved, and would love a fenced yard as she has spent most of her life in an apartment and truly is not an apartment dog. She wants to sniff and explore, and foster mom says it would not be fair for her to not have a yard of her own. She is 100% house trained and loves to chill out on the couch with the family. She is a perfect family dog and must have, gentle kind children as we think it would break her heart if a child was mean to her, because she loves them so much. Please fill out an application online as she will probably be spoken for quickly. She is available after her health exam (3/13/13).