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  Mocha, ~ 9 weeks Female Fuzzy Terrier / Collie / Retriever  Mix

Mocha is a confident puppy who loves to play with her siblings. She is a boisterous puppy that is sweet as can be, though. She likes to crawl in your lap and cuddle! Her mom is Lucy, a Lab/Collie/Spaniel/Hound, etc. mix. Lucy's pups were born in Massachusetts around Christmas time and brought to Save A Dog along with their mama, Lucy, when they were 3 weeks old. They turned 8 weeks old on Feb 20th and received their first vaccinations at that time. All the pups are gentle and sweet and they say pups take after their mom so their soft temperaments are no surprise. The girls are Daisy (white with a dot on her head), Penny (light brown) and Mocha (dark brown). Daisy is the littlest of the bunch; she is very sweet and lovable. She loves to play. Young pups need stay-at-home situations with gentle adopters. If children are in the family, they must be very gentle as these are very young and tiny pups. Please fill out an application on our web site as we will have private showings for these pups.