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  May, ~ 1 - 2 years Female Australian Shepherd  Mix
May May

May is an awesome dog who needs a great home. She's got good energy, but is great in the crate and sleeps through the night in her crate. She doesn't bark and is a nice size (35 lbs approximately). Her foster Dad says she doesn't get into stuff. She respects boundaries and doesn't even jump the baby gate in the foster home. May is an awesome dog and is without a doubt one of the most affectionate dogs we have ever had. She LOVES to please. She is SO smart and she listens. If she grabs something inappropriate, you only need to tell her No once. May is a really nice dog who is a lot of fun. She was with a two year old dog and she ran circles around her. She is a nice size at around 35 lbs and she appears to be around 1 or 2. She is a BEAUTY! Pictures do not do her justice! She has the salt and pepper coloring of a Heeler with the soft fur of an Australian Shepherd and the long nose of a Collie. She is pretty well-behaved in the house for a young dog. She does not try to jump up on furniture. She explores but doesn't take things and does not chew. She sometimes stands on her hind legs to check out counters and tables but doesn't try to take anything. Great temperament. Very affectionate. If you are sitting she likes to lie on the floor near you. She is house trained now; crate trained too; sleeps through the night with absolutely no whining. She doesn't pull at all on a leash, even without a harness, and now walks beautifully right beside you on leash. Please fill out an application if you would like to meet her, or come to one of our visiting days at the shelter (usually weekends 12-3).