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  Romeo, 2 years Male Pomeranian / Schipperke  Mix
Romeo Romeo

Romeo is a 7 lb miniature Pom/Schipperke mix who is 2 years old. We're looking for a home that has another small dog for him to play with as he loves to play. He is used to having people around so he needs someone who is home (not a full time worker). He is black with a bit of white on his chest. Romeo was owned by a young college student who did not have much time for him and wanted to find a better life for him. He is so cute and is a snuggle bum. He will attach himself fast to one person. He likes other people but he claims one and will always keep an eye on where that person is. He is good in his crate, in fact had probably spent too much time in one. He is not a picky eater, loves his dry food but likes to beg from people too. He rides in the car great; his foster mom just puts a little blanket down for him and he is good to go. Sometimes he looks out the window and watches people in other cars, he doesn't miss a thing. He loves to play ball and likes to play with other dogs, even the big ones so must be supervised. He is good with cats and likes to ride in the car. He has the "Pom prance" down pat. So far he has not barked, but will sometimes have a quite little whine if he is lonely. He is going to need someone that can spend time with him as he has spent too much time alone up to now. Someone will be lucky to adopt him as he is a little bright shining star and makes everyone happy being around him. He is available after 1/5.