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  Carly, ~ 6 years Female Chow / Mini-Aussie  Mix

Carly is a six year old Chow mix who seems to have something small like mini-Aussie. She has the merle-colored coat. She recently lost her home when her owner passed away. She was the man's companion for the last years of his life and went everywhere with him. He walked her 1 to 2 miles a day and she looked forward to those walks so we would love to find someone who enjoys that too. She loved dinnertime too, so was a little overweight when she was rescued, but she is down to 42 lbs. now and is looking good. She is a nice dog who gets along great with other dogs even though she was always an only dog. She can be an attention hog if with other dogs as she always had her person to herself. She has been gentle with visiting grandchildren. She likes to watch TV and loves rides in the car. She will bark at cats as she was not raised with them. She is available after 1/3/12, so please fill out an application if you are interested. She would be a great dog for a senior as long as you don't over-feed her.