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  Eileen, ~ 2 years Female Chocolate Lab
Eileen Eileen

UPDATE on Eileen: SHE IS ADOPTED TO A WONDERFUL LOCAL FAMILY WHO HAS A YELLOW LAB AND KIDS WHO WILL PLAY WITH HER. Read her story: Eileen is a precious 2 year old Chocolate Lab who is living proof of the resilience of dogs and their ability to forgive humans for the things they do to them. Eileen is an amputee who walks well on three legs. We learned about her through an emailed picture of her pleading for rescue. She had been sitting in a vet hospital in Mississippi for two months following her surgery with nobody stepping up to rescue her. Our volunteers sprung into action and we raised the money to pay for her surgery. We elicited the help of a small army of volunteers and with cars, vans, and even a couple of small planes, brought her to the safe haven of Save A Dog. She arrived thin and looking haggard but within a few days her coat was looking great and she was bouncing around. Another hurdle in her recovery is that she is heart worm positive -- yes, after testing negative down south. So before she goes home, we will clear her of her heart worms. She's enjoying her foster home with a veteran Save A Dog volunteer and her two dogs. Eileen will run around and then to rest she leans on the Golden Retriever boy who is her pal. We think she got her name "I LEAN" from this behavior. But she would love to be adopted as a Molly or a Maggie, so no worries, you can change her name. Wouldn't it be great if she had another Retriever to lean on in her new home? We're all praying for the perfect situation for her as she deserves the best, especially after what she has been through. Please help us raise the last bit of funds to cover her treatment and then she can go to her forever home. Thanks so much!