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  Sydney, ~ 1 year Female Golden/Lab/Husky  Mix
Sydney Sydney

Sydney, ~ 1 year Female Golden Lab/Husky Mix Sydney was dumped at a daycare center in TN. When she was rescued you could count all her ribs but thankfully has flourished with proper nutrition in foster care. She currently weighs 40 lbs. and could still gain 10 more. She is very sweet and has an excellent temperament but needs an experienced dog owner to give her the training she needs. She is very smart, loves attention and wants to please. She plays well with other dogs but wants to chase cats so a careful cat intro would be required. She quickly figured out the dog door and comes in and out as she desires. She is a high-energy dog and will require exercise, structure and calm energy. Sidney is an absolute love sponge and wants to soak up all the love someone has to give her. She will be available after 1/3/12.