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  Blue, ~ 1 year Male Alaskan Malamute  Mix
Blue Blue

Blue is a beautiful male Alaskan Malamute. He has one blue eye and one is dark brown. He has a BEST temperament and could really be a therapy dog as he is so gentle with everyone. He was rescued from an animal shelter in TN. Blue is under a year old and still growing. He currently weighs 65 lbs. He is a big baby who loves attention -- he is not under foot all the time. He never jumps up and is house trained with a dog door. He is great with cats and kids and dogs. He loves to play with his foster brother, a big shepherd, they play grizzly bear syle, which, is standing up, then they love the "chase each around the yard" game. He likes stuffed toys too. He is already crate trained and being a large dog with the potential for chewing, he will need to keep that up. Foster mom opens the door points and says "Go to bed Blue" and he walks in and plops down. He needs access to the outside because he gets too warm, He is in and out of the house all day, using the dog door. He is currently living in TN so the weather is too warm. His size will require obedience training and Save A Dog requires it. He should be a great student as he learns rules fast and is super smart. He seems to like to go swimming with his dog friends too. He is the sweetest dog and if you love teddy bears you would love Blue.