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  Kendall, 18 months Female Chocolate Lab  Mix
Kendall Kendall

Kendall, ~ 1.5 year Female Chocolate Lab Kendall is a gorgeous chocolate female lab with green/gold eyes. Typical of the breed this big girl is very athletic and yet total coach potato. She is a definite candidate for water sports, she loves the water anytime/any weather and will chase down tennis balls and drop them at your feet. She knows how to sit and lay down, is always up for a car ride, and walks well on a leash if she’s not allowed to pull ahead. She should have a dog savvy adopter, as her size will require obedience and structure. She is housebroken and will hold all night. Kendall is extremely gentle-natured. She takes food softly from your hand and treats can even be taken away from her. She gets on well with all sizes and breeds of dogs and would have a blast at the dog park. (She doesn’t seem to be bothered by cats but because of her size caution should be used at first). But for all of her love of playing, truly her happiest moments are being near her foster parents. She greets strangers with a happy wag of the tail and would be great with kids. She would not do well left alone for long periods of time, isolated from the family. Kendall has a big heart and definitely needs to be an important part of a family. If you are interested in this dog, please express your interest by email (if you have an application already on file) or by filling out the online application under Apply to Adopt. She is available to be seen on 12/8/12 at Petco Natick from 11-1 PM and at our shelter on Sunday from 12-3  (if not spoken for on Sat).