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  Trace, 2 years Male Retriever / Redbone Coonhound  Mix
Trace Trace

Trace is a 2 year old male "tripod" (3 legged dog). He does not know that he is handicapped so shhhh, don't anyone tell him!. He runs, he plays, he climbs stairs, and nothing slows him down. He loves a little 9 lb. Rat Terrier ( Choo-Choo) who will be coming up soon to be adopted. He will lay on the floor and let Choo-Choo jump all over him. Trace gets along very well with the 3 cats that he lived with while in foster care. If they run, he runs with them and then when they stop he will look at them as if to say ' Why are we stopping? He loves attention ( but is not a nuisance about it). He loves his ears rubbed; when you stop he will gently take your hand in his mouth, like he is asking you to keep going! He's is very gentle! He sleeps on the floor every night on a big fluffy bed. He is house broken with a dog door; he has never torn anything up. He will follow you from room to room and lay down and wait for you to finish whatever you are doing. He loves to ride in the car, but needs help getting in. He gets excited when he sees his leash, but walks are a limited distance....Trace loves to run and play, and loves squeaky toys. We think he deserves a large yard where he can run his heart out! Trace is a victim of abuse, his owner sawed off his leg with a hacksaw when he was about 6 months old. He got tangled in barbed wire, and this was her solution. Trace was turned over to animal control, and he is now a happy dog on his way to Save A Dog. Please fill out an application if you are interested.