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  Fiona, 5 months Female Chinese Crested

Fiona is just the most precious little Chinese Crested dog. She is deaf but not disabled. She knows at least 10 hand signals and is very smart. You wouldn't even know she was deaf. She is so sweet and is a real cuddle bunny! She is a hairless Chinese Crested, a much sought-after yet misunderstood breed. Chinese Cresteds need warmth so if you are trying to save on heating bills, she is not the dog for you. She would do best with another dog as a companion as she picks up on their cues and also loves to play. She really wants to learn more too! She would be a great apartment dog as she is little and is pee pad trained. She is a very smart dog and so very badly wants to learn! She loves to ride in the car, loves going for walks, and just love to play with other small dogs in her foster home. She sleeps in bed with her foster mom at night. She sleeps buried under the blankets and never moves until she gets up in the morning. She likes to cuddle up with other dogs too. She plays all day and takes naps by the heating vents as she loves the warmth. She needs a draft-free toasty warm place. Her current foster mom lives in an apartment and says: Fiona is such an easy girl to take care of. As soon as we got home, I put down puppy pads, and she went on them every time, not one accident. She's not clingy, but likes to be near me. She will go play with her toys and she loved exploring the house. Her personality is amazingly sweet. I'm so glad I took her home. If you are interested, please fill out an online application at She was just spayed so will not be at the meet and greet during the weekend 12/8 and 12/9.