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  Winnie, ~ 5 years Male Smooth Coated Collie
Winnie Winnie

Winnie is a very good natured 5 year old Smooth Coated Collie. He gets along with people of all ages, particularly the elderly, and also cats and other dogs. He can be shy at first meeting and will take some time to warm up fully, but he embraces anyone who gives him affection and attention. He led a rather sheltered beginning in life, living in a one floor ranch with an elderly man. His sweet nature is his biggest asset. He is well house trained with rare mistakes but does best with a regular schedule of feeding and "toileting". He is good on a leash and also on a tie out but tends to wander and is not safe if left off leash. He is generally quite healthy but does eat organic dog food and does not get any other treat as human food, scraps, and other dog foods have caused digestive issues over time. He knows basic commands, but could learn more. He rides well in a van, and is doing better in a car, but could use more experience. He will chew items left on the floor but otherwise is not a chewer. He likes most toys and will play with them and also plays with cats and dogs. He needs a good, loving home that can give him lots of attention, affection and exercise. Young renters who move a lot might be disruptive to this sensitive soul. Winnie (Sir Winston as he's sometimes called) is a loving sweetheart and is waiting for a loving and kind home. Please fill out the application online so that we can arrange a meeting with you and Winnie.