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  Lucky, 3.5 years Male Brittany Spaniel
Lucky Lucky

Lucky is a 3 1/2 yr old Brittany Spaniel, and he was relinquished along with Woody (a two year old Jack Russell). Their owner surrendered them, because she lost her husband to a brain tumor right after losing her brother, also to cancer). The boarding facility where they were boarded took them in for her. They are both breeds that will require a lot of exercise to keep them calmed down. Woody the JRT was born 7/6/2011, 14.5#, and she had him since he was a puppy. Lucky the Brittany was born 1/17/2009, weighs 40#. His owner said she found him along the highway after he was hit by a car. She had to take him to a specialist to have his leg pinned, and he has totally recovered, no signs that it was ever broken. His medical records from the specialist are in the mail to us and we are trying to get the x-rays from the referring Vet. We can place them separately.They both get along with other dogs, but we don't know about cats. They have been around children, but not on a regular basis, so we can see how they do. They are available after 10/2/12. Please apply online so that you get your name into our system before you come. Otherwise, you can still come during our visiting hours and fill out the application in the Lobby. Our facility is small, so it helps us if you do it online ahead of time and there's no obligation when you fill out the application as we believe you need to meet the dog first -- we are not in the business of "selling dogs". We want you to feel good about it and we need to feel good about the match as well. Thanks so much!