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  Olive, ~ 1 year Female Pointer  Mix
Olive Olive

Olive is ADOPTED! Her owners found a private adopter, what wonderful news. Olive is a friendly, loving young dog who simply has too much energy for her urban apartment. She needs a big yard that she can run around in to her heart's content. She is living with a Puggle and is well socialized with other dogs as well, although she has too much energy for the middle-aged Puggle. She loves to play! Currently her owners provide her with daily hour-long walks in the morning, half-hour lunch time walks, treadmill time, and regular trips to the park to play fetch (her favorite)... but it isn't enough. She's not a dog to sit in the crate while you're at work as she's a young, athletic dog. She probably needs another doggy playmate to tire her out. She has a lot to offer as she knows her commands well, having been through 7 months of puppy training. Olive knows "down", "sit", "heel" (which means to sit on our left side), "crate", and "bed" (which means she lies down on her dog bed). And "sit" and "down" mean to hold it until we say "okay" to let her up. She'll hold those positions even if you leave the room. She will need reinforcement of all her skills in her new home (Save A Dog requires obedience training.) Olive is crate-trained, and she likes her crate. She sleeps in it at night, and is also crated when she's home alone (she's not allowed on furniture). She settles nicely with a kong stuffed with peanut butter and she'll entertain herself or sleep. She's also really good in the car - she goes into a crate in there and she sleeps the entire time. She is house trained, was spayed around 6 months old, and is up to date on all vaccinations. She spends most days at home with her mommy, who works part time from home. Please fill out an online application if you are interested in meeting her as she is currently not at the shelter.