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  Olivia, ~ 3 months Female Lab  Mix
Olivia Olivia

Olivia is one of Honey's pups. Olivia is 10 lbs. and is 3 months old. She is a spunky little girl. All 3 of these puppies have big dog temperaments. They are calm and mellow, and quiet. They will sit and watch you while you work. They love to play and get into trouble, but they are very calm for puppies. They have been in foster care since birth and they have been handled since day one. They have never been hit, never mistreated, so they trust and love people! Olivia, being the only girl, always hung out with mom in the yard chasing squirrels and playing with mom all day, and had to stand up to her brothers rough playing in the yard. She is sweet but feisty and has no problem sticking up for herself. She seems to be the boss of her brothers, and if they are in trouble it was probably Olivia's idea! She has a big dog temperament just like her brothers, very calm and mellow for puppies. Olivia is lover of people but is not a lovey dovey "in your face" personality. She will walk on a leash, but still needs a little coaxing, she is not fond of the idea of being led around by a leash. Olivia will come running when called, she gets rewarded with a treat for coming. In their foster home, they have 2 acres that they play on and they learned to come when the dinner call came. Olivia is also housebroken, uses a dog door, is in and out all day. Olivia and her siblings all love fruit, watermelon, cantalope, bananas and tomatoes.