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  Princess, ~ 1.5 years Female Bully breed  Mix
Princess Princess

Princess is a beautiful 18 month old female Bully breed mix who has a lot to offer an adopter. She is a really smart dog who has had a lot of training. She is great with other dogs, in fact she lived with a Shih Tzu and has co-existed just fine with a host of dogs of all sizes. She has been recently fostered by one of our veteran volunteers who is a student at U Mass Amherst -- and Princess goes to all classes. As told by her foster: Princess is a FANTASTIC companion, who needs a dog-savy home. This necessity is not based on her being a bully breed, rather it is because of her intelligence. You see the same personality in working shepherds, labs, and goldens- ever loyal and constantly thinking, working to please. For what you put into this dog, she will give it back ten fold. Princess, like all dogs her size and age, needs a lot of exercise. She is a great running companion and will stay close by your heel even off leash. She is polite and playful with dogs, people, and children we encounter on walks through the neighborhood, on the beach, and in the woods. She'll greet you with a toy at the door, or wiggle with it in her crate, making you think she's been in there the entire time you were gone. She eats and sleeps in her crate without a fuss, and will readily run in on command. She also knows basic obedience skills, polite leash walking, and rides well in the car. She settles down to sleep in the backseat on long car rides and is a great errand buddy. She comes to class with me at the university every day, sleeping through lectures, research lab meetings, and work in an academic office. She wears a doggie backpack and carries her own water bowl, toys, and bones. She's well socialized, having experienced everything from packed busses to elevators. Princess is not a velcro dog by any means, but likes to stick around you. She's sweet as can be with goofy radar ears and a demeanor that will make you laugh every single day. Please fill out an application and we will be in touch with you within a few days. Apply at