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  Honey, ~ 1 year old Female Feist / Lab / Beagle / Min Pin  Mix

Honey is a ~ 1 yr old beautful honey colored spayed female mixed breed dog. She weighs around 23 lbs. She is very sweet and so happy. She is a fun-loving little girl, loves to play, walks well on a leash, rides well in the car once she's in (a little hesitant getting in the car). She is house trained and loves people. She is crate trained, is a little submissive when she meets new people, but warms up quickly. She loves shoes. Her foster finds her shoes turning up in interesting places, but they are never chewed on. She is good with cats. Lived with one for 3 months and never paid it any attention even when it jumped on her face. Has lived with 8 other dogs and gets along with all of them, her best play buddy was a 10 lb. Corgi mix, they would play constantly. She likes to collect everything, toys and treats should be hers. She will collect them and then watch over her treasures. Honey was found living around an abandoned house, surviving on her own for at least 6 months, it took her rescuer months to catch her as she did not trust humans. Finally they were able to catch her. The funny thing is, once she was taken to her rescuer's home, bathed and fed, she acted like she had lived there all her life. Two days later she had a litter of puppies. A few days after giving birth she stopped eating so was producing very little milk for her pups, so foster mom had to supplement the pups' feedings. She was taken to the vet and found she had an infected uterus. She was treated for that and after a couple of weeks started eating and producing enough milk again to take care of her pups herself. Everything went well for Honey for a time, she weaned her puppies herself. She was spayed after her milk had dried up and then she suffered another set back, all of her stitches had pulled out and she needed emergency surgery to save her life. She is now recovering nicely. She is available now. Please fill out an online application if you would like to meet her!