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  Joslyn, ~5 months Female Newfie  Mix
Joslyn Joslyn

Joslyn is a ~5 month old large breed pup with Jasper her sibling, Jasper. Both pups already weigh over 45 lbs and have HUGE paws. These gentle albeit gigantic pups were surrendered to a shelter but went immediately into a foster home. Both have been fostered in a farm setting and get along great with people, dogs, cats, and horses. They are very playful, loving and adventurous, have hearty appetites because they are growing; they are well behaved puppies, Jasper is a tiny bit on the shy side outside his kennel until he gets to know you, Joslyn loves attention always. Toys are a must for these two, but they are just as happy to play with one another romping and rolling. Both are very intelligent & watchful of all that goes on around them. They love to be close to their human friends. Playing in water, getting brushed, petted, taking long walks and being played with, are their most favorite things and of course snack and naptime. Their coats are beautiful and soft. These pups will make a family complete, adding years of love and fun for all to enjoy. Their easy going demeanor & sweet dispositions are wonderful characteristics in the combined mix of Newfie, possibly with some Great Pyrenees/Border Collie. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out the application on our Apply to Adopt link. They will be available after 6/21/12.