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  Asia, ~ 5 months Female Bull Dog  Mix
Asia Asia

Asia is a precious 5 month old female Bull Dog / Sharpei? mix who lost her home suddenly when the Land Lord ordered her out. She was raised with small children and was very sweet with them. She was also raised with another dog. She didn't deserve this and doesn't know what happened to her. She likes to play with toys and chase a ball. She rides nicely in the car. She has a mild skin issue that we are resolving homeopathically and her fur is starting to grow back in. Her markings look Rottie but her size is like a large Boston Terrier at this point -- she's going to grow some more for sure. Her parents were Bull Dog mixes. She is available to meet once you complete your application. She will be here on Sunday, Mother's Day to meet. More about Asia from her foster mom: Asia loves and I do mean loves to sit in your lap- for hours- she will fall asleep and she "snores" Asia goes into her crate and will settle down quite nicely- but sometimes she will gnaw on the wire- she wants out! Asia has no food aggressions but does dance at your feet when she sees her bowl being filled - so much so that she could trip you- very exuberant. She -like most pups pees immediately when she has to - she is finally getting it about going outside and is very proud of herself, but please expect a few accidents in the beginning. She does not alert you with sound- she will pace just a few times and then squat! So you must have an eye on her and try to remember that her bowel and bladder are small and so she goes frequently. She loves the praise and tries real hard!! She is not so much into balls or toys but will tug a war with you. Once a day usually in the early evening- she will do the "Puppy ricochet" and she zips around in between your legs up and over things and then she is done! She would love to confront the cats- she is curious- but is also afraid (as she should be - smart pup) but my one cat that is nice -she is good with nose to nose not chasing and no snapping! So I would say good with cats when supervised. Asia is very interested in trash! We have been working on the command NO - still a work in progress! Also sit, let's go, down- she needs more time on these- she likes to chew her leash but walks really nicely- no pulling as of yet. Asia - likes the car but will climb into your lap- so needs to be restrained. She is terrific and friendly to all ages of kids. Asia does not make much noise- no barking an occasional woof- but very light- little growls when the trees rustle or a shadow scares her- she is a city girl and not used to backyard noises! She seems afraid of loud trucks and motorcycles going by- she will run and jump on your lap for protection. Asia sometimes jumps up on your leg as you walk- I have been working on "down' with her and she knows - but will -just decides she doesn't have the impulse control to last very long yet. Asia needs someone who will cuddle her and be gentle- that is what she loves- I can not stress enough- she is a LAP dog!! I fell asleep on the couch and she slept with her head in the crook of my neck for an hour today-I awoke and she didn't, it was quite heartwarming! She will look at you to make sure everything is okay- and to know where you are at all times. Please fill out an application if you are interested in her.