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  Spike, 5 months Male Schnoodle
Spike Spike

Spike is not a lap dog as he is full of puppy energy and wants to play. Spike is not a put in a purse dog or a dog clothes kind of guy either, he is a 6 lb bundle of fun, fun and more fun. He likes to play with with other dogs, but smaller or gentler dogs would be great as he has no fear and doesn’t realize he's not a big dog. He has a huge ego and thinks he is the biggest baddest dog around. His foster mom named him Spike because no matter how much she brushes his fur, in 5 minutes it will be all spiky again. He likes to sleep in bed with you and will not wake up until morning because he is exhausted from playing all day. He will sleep in his crate if need be, but she caved in because is so cute with his little head on the pillow -- she has spoiled him on this one indulgence. He has never had an accident in the house, but like any small dog he has a small bladder so needs someone at home to let him out. He is not one to sit in a crate all day — he would be miserable. She never chases the foster mom's cats, but also needs cats who will not chase him as he's a little guy and could get hurt. He will walk on leash and ride in the car -- he likes to ride shotgun and falls asleep instantly. So far, he has not been a chewer. Spike is a great little guy and would thrive in an active household if he is kept socialized with other dogs. He will act really tough around dogs he doesn't know which given his size could get him in serious trouble — many small dogs do this. He is very loving and will just melt in your arms. If you are interested in adopting this scruffy little guy, please fill out an application. He is available for adoption, but in a foster home so would need to be brought to the shelter to meet you. ,