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  Mitzi, ~ 15 months Female Chihuahua
Mitzi Mitzi

Mitzi is a young 12 lb. apple head Chihuahua who is looking for her forever family. She listens very well, you only have to tell her once and she obeys. She comes when called and is good on leash, but pulls when she's excited. She LOVES the car, rides great. She has a good appetite. She loves her toys and if she knows the toy is hers she will not share with other dogs (she's fostered with 3 other dogs right now and is the Queen Bee with the 3 males). She is SO AFFECTIONATE with people and just wants to be with you, but is not clingy. She's not a dog to be in a crate all day. Her story is this: Mitzi was found by a woman who could not keep her so she was given to a very nice rescuer in TN. She had been in foster care for 6 weeks and the foster provider knew her very well. Mitzi has lived with dogs and cats and she gets along fine with all, but she can be bossy with some females like any typical small dog. All you have to say is NO and she listens. She is very obedient and just wants to please. She likes to sleep in bed with her foster mama. She is house trained but needs to be let out to go. Mitzi loves to ride in the car and will follow you around to see what you are doing. She is not shy and would be a great companion dog. We rely on a volunteer-based staff to show the dogs so we need to see a completed application before asking them to give up their Saturday or Sunday. It's a five minute investment on your part, so we appreciate your information. The application is at no cost to you other than a few minutes of your time.