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  Bear, ~ 8 months Male Golden Retriever / Retriever  Mix
Bear Bear

Bear is a beautiful young Golden Retriever mix who is 8 months old. He has jet black shiny fur and weighs about 55 lbs. Bear is an awesome Retriever who loves to play with other dogs. He would be fabulous for the dog park, or the beach, or doggy daycare. He's a really good dog too and we hope will be the love of someone's life. He's not a dog for the city as he was raised in the country and is not aware of cars, etc. Bear's brother, Brady, came to Save A Dog a short time ago and has found a home so now it's Bear's turn. His previous owner decided to give Bear and his brother up as they were in their 80's and the pups grew to be too big, and at the time were untrained. That has all changed since coming into rescue. His foster mom has worked on his leash training and house manners. He is good with cats and has had no accidents in the house with doggie door access. He will wait like a gentleman for his dog bowl and never jumps on anyone, is not mouthy and seldom barks. He is a gentle dog and although he is solidly built he is not a very tall dog, although he would be considered a large boy. He plays with dogs all day, sized from 90 lbs all the way down to a 6 lb dog. He has been taught to lay down to play with his small foster brother, but in the yard he plays very rough with his big German Shepherd friend. (Also check out the picture of him on Titus' page if you want to see him running.) He ignores cats and if he sniffs them they usually chase after him. Bear has never shown any aggression toward any person or any animal, so he would probably be a horrible watchdog. He is very laid back for his age and really just wants to hang out with people. He prefers being indoors with his people. He always looks clean even when he has been out playing with his dog friends. He is only 8 months old and needs to be watched that he isn't chewing on any unauthorized household objects. He is usually good, but has destroyed some flip flops, so he needs supervision and crate training. He needs lots of toys and he needs to continue his training to be the best he can be. He is available as of 4/26/12. If you are interested in meeting Bear, please help us by filling out our online application. Apply at