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  Kobe, ~ 18 - 24 months Male Beagle / Spaniel  Mix
Kobe Kobe

Meet Kobe, a young Beagle mix who is estimated to be between 12-18 months old. He's a nice dog who loves to play and is so much fun to watch. He runs up and down the exercise area like he's racing an imaginary buddy! He has a blast. What a cute pup. He will need some training but he shows a lot of promise and he loves to play with other dogs. He would be great for the dog park or doggy day care. Here's what his rescuer says about him: This little guy is typical Beagle: Very friendly, loves attention, and is full of energy! Kobe was abandoned when his people split up after a domestic dispute. He wandered the neighborhood for four days getting into neighbors' garbage before somebody took him in. However, he wasn't happy in an enclosure away from people and vocalized his loneliness (which doesn't work in a crowded neighborhood), so he came to Friends for Life. He enjoys the company of other dogs although he's a bit much for the senior dogs! He's been wormed, and was neutered on 2/16/12. He's about 1.5 to 2 yrs. old and weighs just 23 lbs. He is calm and friendly. One of the techs at the vet's said he'd be a "good kid's dog". He's a good passenger in the car! When I picked him up at the vet's from his neuter, Kobe either sat in the passenger seat looking straight ahead or got up on his back legs to sniff at the window (I had it open a couple inches for him). When I had to make a stop and wait for about 15 minutes, he just curled up on the seat and waited quietly. But don't be mistaken- he's not much of a couch potato, but is not a wild child either! If you're looking to add a "spark" to your life, he will supply that! He's available around 4/26/12. Please apply online before coming to meet him.