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  Bambi, ~ 3.5 years Female Italian Greyhound/ Whippet/ Chihuahua / Pom  Mix

Bambi is a very sweet 3.5 yr. old small breed mix who is extremely affectionate and desperate for a home of her own. She has big brown "Bambi" eyes, hence the name. She will follow you all day, sit in your lap, and sleep in your bed. She plays with all size puppies. She ignores cats, walks on leash beautifully, and loves to ride in the car. She has big brown "Bambi" eyes, hence the name. She is originally from TN and was recently adopted but returned because the family never had a dog before and could not read her signs to go out and pee so she started having accidents and was returned. She has been beautifully house trained in her two previous foster homes and never once had an accident. She is back with us now and no more accidents. For Bambi's sake, an experienced dog adopter is preferred so that she doesn't get bounced around again. She is used to being on furniture so if the couch if "off-limits" she might not be the dog for you. She's little, though, less than 25 lbs. Please fill out the application online if you're interested in coming and meeting her. She will most likely be shown on the weekend. as we are rely on a volunteer-based staff to show the dogs we need to see a completed application before asking them to give up their Saturday or Sunday. It's a five minute investment on your part, so we appreciate your information. The application is at no cost to you other than a few minutes of your time.