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  Pez, DOB 2/6/12 Male Skittles Pup - Pez  Mix
Pez Pez

Pez is one of Skittles puppies were born on 2/6/12. He loves to chase a ball and to chew on a deer antler. He loves playing outside in the yard with his litter mates. His mom, Skittles, is a Jack Russell / Corgi mix who weighs about 15 lbs. Some of the pups seem as if they will be larger than mom and some about the same size. Some look just like Mom and some look like Spaniels or Collies. Pez is a cream-colored male with the terrier coat like Mom has. He likes to retrieve a ball and he likes to play. They are very sweet pups who are born in our Director's home and under her care since birth. They are playful little pups, too small for young children, but would be fine with tweens and teens or adults. They need a stay-at-home or work-from-home adopter as they are too young to be left alone for more than a few hours at a time. They are too young to be spayed or neutered (please give them time to grow and develop normally) and they will receive their vaccines prior to going home. Right now they have the mother's antibodies, which protects them better than the vaccine. They are on the Holistic Select Small Breed Puppy food with canned Weruva chicken and they enjoy snacking on plain yogurt and scrambled eggs. Please apply online as they are in a foster home and arrangements will need to be made for you to meet them.