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  Ava, ~ 8-12 months Female Mini Australian Shepherd  Mix
Ava Ava

Ava is a pretty little mini Aussie mix female dog who loves to play, play, play all day long with her dog friends. She is an adorable little dog with an Aussie-looking tail, but not as short as an Aussie as she is a mix. She could have a touch of Spaniel (King Charles?) in her. She is 8-12 months old and weighs 14 lb. She is quite the little fun loving dog, She is spayed and gets along great with dogs and cats. She tries to play with larger dogs, but she sometimes gets picked on by them, so smaller dogs are best for this little cutie, or she could be an only dog too as she would make a great family dog. She will sleep in her crate at night, but at first she gets sad and pouty when she is put in her crate. She is generally quiet, but only barks when a stranger comes to the door. No accidents in the house, but she has outside access with a dog door. She loves to snuggle, she needs work on the leash as she gets a bit huffy about it and will try to slip her collar. She likes to be a Diva and boss the other foster dogs around. She is always in the thick of the action, whatever is going on, she wants to see what it is. Her fur is soft and long, but is not the kind that requires grooming, just an occasional bath and brushing. She would do well in most any home, but remember she does like the sunshine and outdoors so would be very happy to have a yard to chase bugs and butterflies. Please apply online if you are interested. She will be available on 4/9/12.