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  Finn, ~ 12 months Male Chihuahua / Pom  Mix

UPDATE: FINN'S FAMILY IS KEEPING HIM. THEY HAVE WORKED OUT HIS QUIRKS AND DECIDED THEY LOVE HIM TOO MUCH TO LET HIM GO. WE'RE SO HAPPY! Finn is a little Chihuahua / Pom mix male. He was adopted as Hemi a few months ago when he was just 8 months old and weighed 10 lbs. He is a year old now and is being returned for nipping at visiting children. He is a cute little dog and easy to spoil, but he will need ongoing training and socialization. This little guy has a lot to offer if small children are not a regular part of your life. He already knows many commands, including Sit, Down, Come, Leave It, Go to your Mat. He enjoys being a snuggler, but he also enjoys running and playing with the other dogs. He is crate trained. He is neutered. He loves to hike and stays close by in the woods. His people tell us: He barks just to alert us that someone or something is near - he does not bark when he knows a person or a car. So, for instance, he doesn't bark when the mailman or the milkman comes, or at the garbage truck, but he barks if a stranger drives into our driveway. He loves playing with dogs and is good with them - if he meets a dog on a walk, he's great - if a dog comes to our house he barks a little and then stops once he's had a chance to sniff, etc. He's fairly independent (doesn't follow people everywhere), but he's definitely a companion and likes to curl up in laps or keep us company wherever we are in or outside the house. He sleeps in his crate at night and if we are off running errands - he doesn't make a peep. He also LOVES the car. Please fill out an application if you are interested and we will be in touch with you about meeting him as he is not on the shelter.