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  Titan, ~6 months Male Retriever / Collie  Mix

Yeah, I know I've got that irresistible "Greek God" thing going on. But here's a little secret, just between you and me: I'm a big mush. I may be a little unsure of myself around loud noises and big trucks, but I sure look brave, don't I? I also know I will love you even if you are afraid of scary noises too! I am only interested in one thing about you, the size of your heart. And if there's room for a big, Chocolate, Teddy Bear named Titan, then it's just the right size for me. Come check me out!! Titan is a ~ 6 month old, GORGEOUS neutered male retriever mix pup with a luxurious coat that was made for water to roll right off of it. He has that thick, thick coat that many retrievers have. He weighs about 55 lbs but is still growing. Update from his foster mom: Titan is an awesome dog. He is very well trained. He walks great on leash and loves walking in a wooded area near his foster home where there are tons of dogs. He happily greets each dog. He loves to play nonstop with his doggy foster brother, Champ. He also gets along well with the two kids in the family, ages 12 and 16, so tweens and up would be good for him. Titan is very sweet and quiet. He crates well and sleeps all night, no accidents in his foster home, and he has a hearty appetite. He can be a little nervous around loud city noises. He would absolutely thrive in a suburban or rural setting. He came in with his siblings, Tina and Titus. The mother dog was a Retriever who could have some Chesapeake Bay Retriever in her and the father was a Collie. A kind man took the mother dog in when she was pregnant and placed all but three of the pups, Tina, Titus, and Titan. He kept the Mom and had her spayed. They were born right around Thanksgiving. They haven't been cat tested. If you are interested, please fill out an application on our Web site and we will be in touch with you. .