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  Titus, ~ 6 months Male Retriever / Chessie  Mix
Titus Titus

Look at that magnificent face!! Titus is a special pup (yes he's a pup) who was with his litter mates until around six months of age, so he can be shy at first, thus making it hard for him to get adopted. He wasn't exposed to children, so was afraid of them, but is doing much better with the teens. An adult home would be ideal. He would be fabulous at doggy daycare and it would help to socialize him as well. In time he will be a fantastic dog for someone. He REALLY needs another dog. He would be a great pal for another Lab or active dog. He's a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix pup who has a nice thick coat that is made for swimming and out door sports. He is the darker coated male of the three. His mother dog was a Retriever who could have some Chesapeake Bay Retriever in her and the father was a Collie. A kind man took the mother dog in when she was pregnant and placed all but three of the pups, Tina, Titus, and Titan. He kept the Mom and had her spayed. His foster mom says about Titus: He has seemed to really come out of his shell and is a real love muffin. He plays ball, comes when called and is getting better on his leash. He gets very excited when I come home from a short trip out and seems to want to be with his people more . A good sign . He's all puppy- bounds of energy and always game for activity. He learned to catch a tennis ball . ( Before he would just duck) He loves being outside and would stay in the yard all day if he could . I use cedercide, and I haven't found any ticks on him. He loves our dogs and plays well. He has no issue going into his crate. If you are interested, please fill out an application on our Web site and we will be in touch with you as he is in a foster home and arrangements would need to be made for him to come to the shelter to meet you. He cannot come this weekend, the 12th, but will be here the following weekend, on the 20th if he has applications.