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  Emma, ~ 16 weeks Female Collie/Retriever  Mix
Emma Emma

Emma, Layla, and Reebock are Sadie's pups. You can see mama, Sadie, on our Recently Adopted pages under March 2012. Emma is 27 lbs., Reebok is 24 lbs., and Layla is 18 lbs. Mama Sadie is a mixed breed dog of Collie/hound, but the pups are heavy boned like a Lab. Emma is a big sweet girl who is gentle, but loves to play all day. At her foster home in TN she slept on her bed at night, used the dog door, went potty outside. If she has toys she may chew on them, but she has not torn anything up. She is a very quiet and calm puppy! She has been started on a leash and does very well, but sometimes needs some postive encouragement. All 3 puppies have been introduced to cats. They did very well, but we worry more about the pups than the cats as cats will go for the eye, so if you have cats, you must assure us that they are gentle with puppies. These pups will be available on Sat, 3/17. If you fill out an application, we will have it ready when you arrive.