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  Clay, ~ 2 years Male Retriever / Redbone Coonhound  Mix

Clay is a 1.5 to 2 year old Retriever mixed with Redbone Coonhound and he's from TN. He is just the nicest dog and very deserving of a great home. He's a big boy with lots of love in his big heart. He weighs 60 lbs, is already neutered and is ready for a family of his own. He was dropped off in the middle of the night at the animal shelter in TN and was so starved they had to carry him in as he could not walk. He was a favorite at the shelter -- can you imagine! The workers just loved this guy and begged for him to be saved, as his time was almost up. So, Save a dog has given the green light for him to come to MA. You will not find a more loving dog or a dog with lower expectations, especially after all he's been through. He demands little from you and whatever you give him, seems to be ok with him. He is willing to learn anything you want. He has been very quiet at his foster home and is wonderful with all the other dogs. He takes long walks on the leash and his foster mom has been using a long lead to give him more freedom. It's so sweet -- he will be walking and when foster mom calls him back for for a pat on his head, he gets a surprised happy face, like he is amazed someone would want to give him love. He shows very little interest in cats but because of his size, introduce carefully. He is very quiet in his crate and keeps his kennel clean. If you would like to adopt Clay or another dog from Save A Dog, just fill out the application under Apply to Adopt and if he's not a match, we can apply it to another dog. he is available as of 3/17.