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  Sadie, ~ 2 years Female Border Collie / Lab / Hound  Mix
Sadie Sadie

If you could look into her beautiful brown eyes, you would see what we see -- a flower ready to blossom and unfold in her forever home. Sadie is a 2 year old Border Collie mix who was picked up as a TN stray along with her 3 pups. Sadie had been wondering the back woods of Tennessee nursing her 3 puppies who were following her lead as she trapsed around looking for shelter. She and her puppies spent 2 weeks at the shelter when a rescue angel could not stand it any longer and brought them all home. Sadie is the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. She will sit and let you pet her for hours; she lays at your feet while watching television. She rides in the car but does not really like it at first. She walks on a leash and loves to go for long walks. She loves to lay in the sun and watch for squirrels for hours. She is always on squirrel patrol. She will drag her blanket outside and lay on it. This girl's got personality! She is a little too curious with cats, but she seems gentle enough for kids. She is very docile towards other dogs. Because she loves the outdoors so much, she is not a dog to just go on a couple of walks a day, but if you also had a fenced in yard, she would love the option to go outside. She could be petted 24/7 and would love it! She is low-key energy-wise, so could go with a sedentary owner as well (as long as she gets her walks). A nice quiet household would be #1 on her wish list. Her TN foster mom wrote: Sadie is one of the sweetest, gentlest, loving dogs I have come across in a long time. I was so tempted to keep her for my own, she was very difficult to let go of... I am hoping you will pay special attention to the home that you choose for her. I had her in my house for 2-3 weeks, she never got into or tore up anything, she never once went to the bathroom in my house, she sleeps in all night on her bed.She loves to go for walks, gets excited when she sees the leash,and does not pull on the leash at all. She will sit and let you pet her for hours and then when you stop she will go lay down on her bed. She wants to play with other dogs. She had never been in a car and after 3 rides she was jumping up in the car ready to go. I would like to see her go with a family that likes to hike or at least takes walks. Loud voices seem to make her nervous, but she does seem to love everyone! Sadie does like to drag small blankets outside. I think if she had toys, she would stop doing that! She is available as of 3/6/12.