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  Sammy, ~ 8 years Male Rat Terrier  Mix

Sammy is a very sweet 8 year old Rat Terrier? mix who was adopted from a shelter 3 years ago. His owner adores him and says he's the best dog in the whole world, but she works long hours and feels so bad for him being in a crate all day. His first owner was a senior so he is good with all ages of people. He lived with her for the first 4 years of his life and then she had to go to a nursing home. He loves just being at home with someone, hanging out. He has lived with dogs of all sizes and cats too so he is good with other pets. He will even play with the cats that like to play. He's great on leash and great in the car. Sammy is very healthy, he needs no meds. Every now and then he will hold up his back leg when he walks, but other than that he has no problems. He has been on glucosamine tabs but they never made a difference with him, so it could be a luxating patella, which is common in small breed dogs. Sammy loves his crate. He will just go sit in it for no reason. But he would prefer sitting/laying beside you on the couch or laying on your lap. He loves to sleep under the covers. He is 95% house trained. Like any small dog, he can't hold it all day and that's not his fault. He likes to be outside when itís a sunny, warm day and he loves to go for walks. He knows he has to go outside to potty and is fine with that. He will wait at the back door for you to put the leash on and he will go outside to go. He has been trained with a leash to go outside and potty or to go for walks. Sammy will bark when he hears a doorbell or a knock at the door, but he's not a barker in general. He likes to eat Cheerios cereal with you every morning and loves the small eatable milk bones. He's really a good dog and would be a great companion for a senior or in a quiet household where someone is at home most of the day. That would be the ideal situation for him. He wasn't raised with kids so an adult home is preferred. He acts like a much younger dog and loves to play. He makes funny noises while playing with the other dogs, but is not aggressive at all.