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  Molly, ~ 2 years Female Basset Hound / Beagle  Mix

Molly is a two year old female Beagle/Basset mix (we call them "Bagels") who came to us from a local breeder. She was not cut out for field trial hunting, but would rather smell the roses or sit by the fire. She very gentle and very docile. She only vocalizes when she's not happy and that's when she's kenneled so we're working on her house training so she can go to a home where there is minimal crating. She's great with kids and seems gentle enough for little ones, although will need to be tested. We don't know how she is with cats, but given that she was a failed hunting dog we think she might ignore them (no guarantees, though). She recently spayed (1/26/12) so is still recovering, but you can come meet her by the weekend. She has beautiful coloring and will be the darling of someone's life. You can just tell.